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Thursday, November 12, 2020Workshops/Seminars

Cybersecurity for Executives: A Quick, Clear, and Practical

This is a fast-paced jargon-free training that covers
the following essential points:

• Over that past 10 years, cyber risks have transformed
from a minor, technical annoyance to a true business risk
that has significantly altered the course of thousands of
businesses of all sizes, including bankruptcy.
• As a result, executives need to manage their cyber risks
in the same thoughtful and intelligent way as they
manage other business risks in critical areas such as
sales, accounts payable, and order fulfillment.
• Using basic germ theory as a metaphor, Kip provides
practical, prioritized actions for the executive and their
organization all explained using everyday language and
concepts that are easy to understand.
• Participants will also receive a prioritized checklist
summary of the training to help them quickly identify
and implement the best cyber risk mitigations for them
and their organizations.

Each participant will receive a free copy of Kip’s best-selling
book Fire Doesn’t Innovate: The Executive’s Practical Guide to
Thriving in the Face of Evolving Cyber Risks. The book will be
available in softcover, Kindle, and audiobook versions.

Thursday, November 12, 2020 11:30 AM thru 01:00 PM
via Zoom

IT Kauai will send a link after registration.

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